Expanding Beyond Security with Video

Only 1% of Surveillance Video is Ever Watched

It’s estimated that only 1% of surveillance video is ever watched — and then, mostly long after the fact. If you’ve already got your video surveillance system in place, you may already know how much video is — or isn’t — being watched. And you know how much valuable information contained in that video is simply going to waste.

After all, enterprises make large investments in video security systems but these don’t always provide a clear return on investment (ROI). The raw data captured on video is underutilized and generally disposed of after a certain period of time.

In the age of Big Data, it’s clear that your raw, unstructured video has potential: information that could be extracted and made useful. If this data were structured, you could then derive value from it for security and non-security purposes.

Imagine if you had a way of deriving extra value out of the video you’re already recording? A way to summarize, review and analyze your video data quickly –like a “search engine for video” – to get to usable, vital information (e.g., optimizing operations, space usage, traffic flow, etc.).
BriefCam Syndex is a scalable solution designed expressly for enterprise needs, providing users with immediate insight into video data.

With BriefCam, personnel responsible for the post-event or routine review and investigation of large quantities of video files can browse hours of video in just minutes — with the most relevant events presented first.

Plus, users can share results and collaborate. Investigative teams working in the VMS environment can collaborate on investigations, pinpoint events of interest, reach targets quickly, with the most relevant events presented first, and take action as required.

With review time cut to the minimum, personnel can investigate more incidents on-site, post-event and proactively. Proactive video review on a scheduled basis lets you detect unusual behavior patterns, so you can “know what you didn’t know” by uncovering events that previously would have gone undetected.

Now for the added value: with review time cut to the minimum, your security team can investigate more incidents both on-site and post-event. Video content information can be extracted, examined and leveraged for non-security purposes that bring an additional return on your organization’s security investment, and highlight the role of the security department in supporting the organization overall.