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People are using BriefCam today to answer questions like:

  • Did my kids have friends over?
  • Did they play video games or do their homework after school?
  • Who was in my house?
  • Did Mom take her medicine?
  • How is my cat getting out of the house?
  • How was my dog’s day?
  • Did anyone go into my jewelry drawer
  • Or, use my computer?
  • Or, access the liquor cabinet?
  • Or, take the car out?
  • How was this window broken?
  • What is that noise on the porch in the middle of the night?


What Users Are Saying:

RapidRecap is very *very* cool

The RapidRecap function is a blast to watch

The RapidRecap feature and the recording on cloud is also very interesting to review…

I had no idea that so much is going on during the day in front of my house

Also was really cool that I can post this RapidRecap augmented reality videos in Facebook directly from the app

RapidRecap is cool

Amazing! We tracked and found our lost cat with this camera!

The RapidRecap feature has already showed me someone snooping around the property that I never would have seen otherwise

The RapidRecap feature is great.

I basically could see in the matter of 4 minutes by reviewing the RapidRecap everything that happened yesterday in front of my house…

I’m in love with the Rapid Recap feature and I’m interested in seeing how [it can] help us keep track of footage in our office.

How we can help your business customers.

For small businesses, having BriefCam in the cloud can immediately solve business problems.

How does BriefCam integrate with your product? Let’s talk.

We have significant research in each sector on what matters most to customers, how big the market is, what the return on investment is, and how BriefCam can differentiate your video application. With simple “industry options” in your app, your SMB customer can have video functionality that directly addressed their specific needs.

Small Businesses are using BriefCam today to answer questions like:

  • What went on overnight?
  • What happened in the shop while I was out?
  • Was the package delivered?
  • Who bumped my customer’s car?
  • Who painted the graffiti outside?
  • Where did the shopping cart go?


Industry specific needs.

There are big business opportunities in many sectors.



1 in 5 thefts in the US are in the wholesale sector. The average non-cash theft in warehouses/showrooms is $90K. The bulk of theft happens at loading docks and yards – where goods in transit meet the ground. Employees and drivers working in tandem make up the bulk of the theft. Locations has serious safety and liability issues, and loss due to damage of goods. This is a $10BN loss in the US annually.



Retail suffers from a massive theft problem. Over 1 million shoplifters and dishonest employees are arrested in a year. One in every 38 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer in 2014. On a per case average, dishonest employees steal over 6 times the amount stolen by shoplifters ($825.36 vs $133.80). There are also liability concerns. Retailers express interest in automatic detection of slip-and-falls, vandalism, employee safety, employee performance and other concerns.



Banks require cameras for general surveillance, controlled access areas, ATMS, tellers to prevent robberies, fraud, investigate crimes. All banks are required by the FDIC to designate a security officer who has to develop and administer a written security program for every bank.   In the US, the top 10 banks account for over 1/3rd of all locations and branches of banks (98,765 total), but 60% of banks are still community banks with a few branches, yet the same protocols still apply.


Health & Human Services

In eldercare and patient case, cameras in hallways and common areas are generally used for security, while cameras in rooms and clinical areas are used for patient care. Those cameras in hallways and common areas are generally linked to a central monitoring area like the security department and are monitored live and recorded.

Providers record patient care for liability and training purposes, and some times for monitoring.  Another use case it the prevention of wandering (a large problem), and tracking who’s coming and going. Cameras are also used for general security from outsiders (people who aren’t supposed to be there) and insiders (people stealing drugs or contraband).


Food & Accommodations

In food and accommodations, 75% of inventory shortages are due to employee theft.  This is approximately 4% of profit, and $40BN per year in losses.  To be able to immediately go to a single point in the video, and not have to review all tapes,  helps with theft, litigation or discovery and employee monitoring.



School safety is increasingly important. Superintendents are accountable to their communities for a full security plan and crisis management plan. Superintendents, safety committees and IT departments monitor videos for violence, loitering, and vandalism. Violent school threats are also breeding fear and frustration for educators, children and parents. Briefcam can help empower non-technical people (administrators, security officers, teachers) to see and understand footage, get to the bottom of a situation, and to be proactive in safety and compliance.



In entertainment, especially in public spaces, monitoring and optimizing traffic flows are important for revenue optimization and client experience. In amusements parks and public spaces the object database can be very valuable in tracking bad actors. There is also value in in monitoring human areas for legal and liability concerns.

Multi-family Housing

Multi-family housing is the fastest growing segment of housing within the residential housing market. Since the market downturn in 2008 and stronger regulations for mortgage loans, more and more consumers are looking to rent versus buy. In 2015, there were over 405k new construction starts in the multi-family housing market representing a 9% year over year growth rate. Today’s newest multifamily housing starts are designed with the latest camera solutions on property to maintain safety and security. The BriefCam solution helps property owners, managers, and management companies provide a safe and secure environment for their residents. With over 19.5M multifamily housing units in the US market today, the need for security and surveillance is unprecedented.

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