Put BriefCam to work for your customers.

  • Do you provide, or want to provide, a cloud-based IP camera solution for residential or small business customers?
  • Do your currently store video in the cloud for end-users?
  • Do you want to enhance your service, and offer unique and differentiating video capabilities to your customers?

mom-child-picCustomer Benefits

BriefCam provides an OEM branded version of BriefCam to camera system partners. Each customer facing implementation is customized to the unique needs of the partner.

We help you:


Create a stronger aftermarket relationship with your customer.

Most of the time, people don’t remember the brand they bought. We can add functionality that to create a relationship to the camera provider AFTER it’s installed in the home. A rich video review app enhances brand awareness.


Drive revenue with better mobile features.

Extensive interviews and surveys with end users taught us a lot about their needs and desires when it comes to video. Immediate fast review on a mobile phone or tablet is now the baseline expectation. We can help you implement a mobile strategy to drive new areas of revenue via value add services.


Help customers realize their desire for security, trust and control.

We know what matters to end users – feeling safe and in the know. We help you customize alerts and notifications to meet those customer needs.


Take cameras beyond “deterrence”, to create true value.

Currently, most end users perceive cameras as deterrents: the footage is rarely viewed. When viewing is required, it’s difficult to get to anything of value without watching hours of footage. Curiosity would drive them to use the camera much more frequently if they could access and share important parts of the day in an instant.


Craft anything to create differentiation: features can be defined according to your imagination.

Because we can take metadata from other sources and use that to manipulate video, you can show people unique views that only you can craft.

Separate yourself from the crowd:

  • Want to see only the times in the day where the baby was crying? Take metadata from an audio feed to flag which video segments to show – call it CryView.cry-view
  • Want to know if the yard motion sensor catches animals? Set up a Critter-catcher alert.racoon-catcher
  • Only show cats – call it Kitty-Cam – and let your customers create a whole second career in viral video creation.cat-cam

Keep tabs on Grandma

Where’s kitty?

Getting started with BriefCam is simple.

The first step is to schedule an introductory discussion to see if BriefCam makes sense. Bonus: If you provide video clips, we can show you the power of the BriefCam engine using your own data.

After we define business and integration terms, we’ll get to work on hooking up our engine to your app, from design and development through testing. We can also help craft success metrics and functional tracking for BriefCam in your environment.

Frequently asked deployment questions:

Question: What are the general requirements to start the integration process with BriefCam?

Answer: We’ll have an introductory meeting to assess your needs and how we can enhance your current video solution. The next steps after that:

Technical assessment and high level design

Business Agreement

Define project & begin integration

Phased deployment

Question: Are there any specific system or cloud requirements my company needs to support?

Answer: We are cloud agnostic, so if you work with one of the major cloud providers or host your own cloud, we can support multiple options.
We have a recommended cloud architecture for embedded integration and make it as easy as possible for integration and launch, including white-labeled apps.

Question: What type of APIs do we use?


External: REST/JSON

Question: What mobile platforms do you support today?

Answer: Android, iOS and all major web browsers. No plugins (e.g. Flash) required. From mobile devices users are encouraged to use the native apps to receive full functionality.

Question: How do you release new software?

Answer: As new features, capabilities, and updates are developed and thoroughly tested, we will work with you as a partner to coordinate any new software releases.

Question: How do you deploy new features?

Answer: The great thing about the BriefCam architecture is that as new features, capabilities, and updates are developed and thoroughly tested, we will work with you as a partner to coordinate any new software releases.

In any scenario, we are continuously adding new capabilities. Since BriefCam offers both cloud service (analysis and data storage) and apps (presentation), any upgrades will require minimal to no effort from the partner.

It’s as short path to launching your new video value-add service with BriefCam, and to positive customer impact. Read about our implementation of BriefCam at Flir, and customer reactions.


What customers are saying:

RapidRecap is very *very* cool.

The RapidRecap function is a blast to watch

The RapidRecap feature and the recording on cloud is also very interesting to review…

I had no idea that so much is going on during the day in front of my house

Also was really cool that I can post this RapidRecap augmented reality videos in Facebook directly from the app

RapidRecap is cool

Amazing! We tracked and found our lost cat with this camera!

The RapidRecap feature has already showed me someone snooping around the property that I never would have seen otherwise

The RapidRecap feature is great.

I basically could see in the matter of 4 minutes by reviewing the RapidRecap everything that happened yesterday in front of my house…

Case Study: BriefCam & Flir

BriefCam’s Video Synopsis technology was selected by Flir, a leading manufacturer of surveillance cameras, as part of its groundbreaking initial entry into the consumer/SMB cameras market.

Flir incorporated leading edge technologies to solve the problems it anticipated for would be experienced by consumers who are busy people with no time for lengthy video review. By offering users the possibility of viewing “a day in a minute”, Flir instantly made its in making video cameras more useful and appealing to the home/SMB audience.

BriefCam was released as part of the Flir FX app, in both iOS and Android devices,. Marketed under the brand name ‘Rapid Recap powered by BriefCam’ and bundled together with the new FLIR FX high-definition monitoring camera and cloud-based processing and storage service, the mobile Video Synopsis enables users to review hours of recordings from their home or business through their smartphones.

The Rapid Recap feature was heavily emphasized by Flir in it’s launch release.

In commercialization, Flir offered gated access to 3 Rapid Recaps for free, and leveraged this compelling feature to increase conversion to paid upgrade subscription with expanded access.


Reactions to BriefCam from the press about Flir FX were enthusiastic:

There’s also one other advanced feature that I really love. It’s called Rapid Recap which is basically a time-lapse of all the activity that has happened within a certain time-frame. You can specify six hours, two hours, however much time you want, and it will give a time-stamped video of everything that happened. Cnet

The camera and app also come with a set of rather cool features which we’ve not seen on any other camera of this type. The first is called RapidRecap, which lets you see a huge amount of activity on review in a short space of time… It’s very cool and something that more camera makers should try. The Red Ferret

Where [FLIR FX] differs from all the other security cameras I’ve ever tested is with its RapidRecap feature. With RapidRecap, you can see all the events that were captured for the day in just a couple of minutes. The Gadgeteer

Our main concern was actually not so much for security, but for safety. You see, my fiance’s grandmother lives with us… there are times that we both have to be away and being able to check on her is invaluable… take a snapshot [and] view the RapidRecap of the day. MacSources

No one wants to take the time to sift through hours of dull home monitoring video clips of things like a view of the front steps… [Flir FX’s] unique way of summarizing lots of footage into a fast, one-screen glimpse is called RapidRecap… [it] looked good, summarizing a lot of activity in one quick snippet. RE/CODE

RapidRecaps are all the activity that’s been captured over the course of several hours — or even an entire day — overlaid at once, with timestamps. This means you don’t actually need to watch the entire recording to see comings and goings. The Verge

If something in the RapidRecap happens to jump out at as being suspicious or worth a closer look, the user can simply tap on a specific time stamp in the replay video to jump right to when that footage was recorded for review or saving if it’s important. Gizmodo

The idea is to end the pain of scanning through hours of video just to see a cat… RapidRecap not only shows the cat, but everything else that happened in a set period of time, without the time wasting. It’s an excellent feature, and one that worked faultlessly. Digital Trends

Then there’s the Rapid Recap feature, a pretty stellar tool for efficiently finding anything strange in your video footage… we’re betting people will use it to create some pretty neat non-security videos. Popular Mechanics

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