Achieving Faster Time to Target

How Security Professionals are Leveraging Briefcam Syndex

More and more, video has come to play a significant part of today's investigations, criminal or homeland security related. More video needs to be reviewed and targets need to be reached as quickly as possible. Investigative teams, large or small, face the daunting and often overwhelming task of going through hours, days, weeks and even months of video. And it's even more distressing when time is of the essence and you know delays can cost lives. What if you could find the evidence faster and provides a better quality investigation? (more…)

Rapid Video Review: Benefits and Payoff

Introducing an innovative technology into the security marketplace is never easy. Security professionals by nature are a conservative lot -- and with good reason -- but sometimes a new product comes along that can help solve a major problem. In BriefCam's case, the problem is the ever-expanding amounts of video being recorded 24/7 and the challenge is to derive maximum benefit and value from all that video. How do we do it? (more…)

Safe Cities Solutions

10 Use Cases for Video Synopsis

(originally printed in Safe Cities Solutions) Oftentimes, public safety and security personnel are faced with the problem of "too much video, not enough time to for review." However, there is a technology that allows users to browse hours of video in minutes. It is now possible for all recorded video -- not just some -- to be reviewed as a matter of routine, greatly enhancing surveillance effectiveness and public safety. The provider of this Video Synopsis technology is BriefCam, whose products allow for hours of video to be viewed in minutes. (more…)

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