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GIT Security: Crime ring busted at security event

Night cleaning crew swiped more than dust but got caught... Around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night October 12th, a few of the cleaning crew did more than just vacuum and dust on the evening tour of duty: they also swiped computer equipment from exhibitors' booth displays. However, failing to notice that the convention had gathered the best of the security industry meant this was the last time they would be performing that job. At the ASIS 2010 security trade show held week before last in Dallas, Texas, several exhibitors discovered missing electronics on the second morning of the event... [Read more...]

BriefCam Catches Rogue Paparazzo - Globes

Translation of the article: The Innovation That Caught Yonit's Paparazzo Globes, July 22, 2010 Yonit Levy, who presents the Channel 2 News, has recently found herself in the headlines regarding her personal life - [and] her upcoming marriage to Ido Rosenblum. The accompanying unpleasant experience of celebrity shutterbugs is therefore unsurprising. One such photographer made his way over to the GG Communications Center to take her picture, as reported on Guy Pines' [entertainment news] show. After the deed was done, it was the police's turn to try and retrace the insolent photographer's trail. Assisting in the task was technology developed by BriefCam. The company, founded in 2008 (sic), develops a system for shortening digital data generated by security cameras. With its help, the time at which the paparazzo broke into the perimeter was found in a matter of seconds instead of the old way - reviewing long hours of security camera videotape. The Video Synopsis technology was developed by Prof. Shmuel Peleg of the Hebrew University, who also serves as the company's Chief Scientist. By the way, the rogue photographer was caught. Caption: Yonit Levy. Thank you, Israeli technology Photo: Tamar Masafy Image: BriefCam Video Synopsis Exact time of entry, 21:09:26, is shown in main screen. 4 hours of footage, from 18:00 to 22:00, were summarized to 19 seconds. Image: BriefCam (click to enlarge)

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