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Doktor Jon's: BriefCam named Milestone Systems' Solution Partner of the Year

BriefCam has been named Milestone Systems' Solution Partner of the Year. In the official announcement, released today, Milestone stated that the award recognized BriefCam, "for their Video Synopsis technology that is tightly integrated with XProtect, and for their strategic alignments in the field that produced great results." The award ceremony was held at the annual Milestone Integration Partner Symposium (MIPS) conference March 2-4, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas... [Read more...]

The Economist: Just the interesting bits

A quick way to find incidents recorded by security cameras Video cameras are popping up everywhere. On a typical day out in a big city a person could be filmed by hundreds of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The combined output of all these systems is far greater than the capacity of security staff to watch all the images. So various ways are used to automate the process. Some systems work in ?real time? to alert security staff to a potential incident being filmed by a camera. Such systems can read number plates on cars and identify certain faces. Several use powerful algorithms to detect suspicious behaviour, such as a group loitering near a door where entry is barred or an item of luggage that seems to have been left unattended. Then there is the task of searching through a mass of recorded images to see if anything has happened...[Read more...]

GIT Security: Crime ring busted at security event

Night cleaning crew swiped more than dust but got caught... Around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night October 12th, a few of the cleaning crew did more than just vacuum and dust on the evening tour of duty: they also swiped computer equipment from exhibitors' booth displays. However, failing to notice that the convention had gathered the best of the security industry meant this was the last time they would be performing that job. At the ASIS 2010 security trade show held week before last in Dallas, Texas, several exhibitors discovered missing electronics on the second morning of the event... [Read more...]

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