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Using New Tech, Hartford Cops Quickly Apprehend Suspected Child Predator

City police, scanning hours of video, found the evidence they needed within minutes: A clip of a van, weaving through traffic, that police suspected was being driven by a man who reportedly had exposed himself to a 10-year-old girl on Stonington Street Monday morning as she made her way to the school bus. Read the full article and watch the video  Source: Using New Tech, Hartford Cops Quickly Apprehend Suspected Child Predator – Hartford Courant 

From counter-terror to retail: Gaining actionable data from videos

Nowadays, there is a lot of hype around data and its utility for almost any industry – from security and law enforcement to business operations and retail. Having actionable video data helps streamline operations, recognize inefficient work flows and understand which behaviors and activities are most effective. Read Vice President, Americas, Amit Gavish's article on to learn how video analytics are optimizing productivity for a wide range of industries

Milestone VMS and Briefcam Integrate to Unify Security at Massachusetts General Hospital

With 1,300 cameras recording 24/7 and more than 1,000 investigations to process per year, MGH’s security team was not able to keep up with the vast amounts of recorded video. That predicament has been alleviated following the integration of the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) platform and BriefCam Syndex Pro, which enables rapid video review, search and analysis. Read the full customer story on Security Sales and Integration.

Taming the Video Data Monster

In the age of Big Data, IoT (Internet of things), video analytics, deep learning and everything in between, the ability to effectively generate valuable information from raw video becomes a necessity. With the right tools, the volume of data analyzed, the accessibility across an organization and applications for security, safety, operations and beyond, the potential of video surveillance technologies can finally be realized.The use of video surveillance by law enforcement, security agencies, investigators, public safety, transportation and safe cities is constantly growing. Much has been said about the imminent explosion of video data and the challenges it brings. For video data to be considered useful information that is worthwhile reviewing, the video data must be first tagged, organized, searched, combined, filtered and finally processed into a form that enables organizations to act upon it in a productive way. [More… Taming the Video Data Monster]  

New Tech Allows Hartford Cops To Process Hours Of Video In Minutes - Courant Community

Among the methods used to catch New York City bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was video surveillance, clear pictures of him used by investigators to develop a description, which was then broadcast to millions in the metropolitan area. Source: New Tech Allows Hartford Cops To Process Hours Of Video In Minutes - Courant Community

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