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Introducing BriefCam Blogger,
Greg Baldauf

Greg Baldauf, VP Strategic Alliances

Hi, my name is Greg Baldauf. I joined BriefCam in early 2015 as VP Strategic Alliances, to bring the disruptive power and value of Video Synopsis® to the connected home and SMB markets. When my peers tell me I’m a thought leader and change agent, I take it as the best compliment. Personally, I have a mission to significantly affect how people live their lives using connected technology, and I’m passionate about developing new markets and verticals, while creating the partnerships necessary to enable a connected lifestyle. Those who know me well – and I’ve been working in these markets for a long time now – also know why I’m so passionate about leveraging the cloud to bring innovative, disruptive solutions to market in the Internet of Things (IoT) era.  Whether it’s key customer value propositions, the development of strategic partnerships or vertical market relationships, I’ve seen what has and hasn’t worked operationally within the connected home space. Joining BriefCam has allowed me to continue fulfilling both my personal and professional goals in these markets. Here’s why: We all live in an era of “fast food” information. And while we all know that IP cameras have become a critical element of the connected home/SMB market, our hectic lives never leave us time to actually review the video being recorded. Video Synopsis allows us to get the most out of all the video we record on home cameras in just a few minutes.  Finally, a technology that actually meets the connected home and SMB user needs. Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So, sail away from the safe harbor. Explore, dream and discover.” That’s just what I’m doing at BriefCam. It’s exciting. The technology is groundbreaking. It’s going to give security dealers, service providers, and camera manufacturers the ability to add real value for homeowners and businesses. It will save consumers and small business owners’ time, and give them the value they thought they were getting by connecting to IP cameras in the first place. In future posts, I look forward to sailing away together and exploring the waves created by the explosion of IoT and video data. I would also love for you to share your thoughts via our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube accounts.  

From Raw Video to Actionable Information

Tom Edlund, BriefCam CTO

The use of video surveillance by law enforcement agencies, investigators, forensics and security personnel for public safety, surveillance and transportation is constantly growing. A 2016 IHS report states that the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow over 7%: 66 million network cameras and 28 million HD CCTV cameras will be shipped globally, and the total raw capacity of enterprise storage used for video surveillance will increase by 48%. Back in 2010, Cisco was already discussing the explosion of data and the challenge of “too much video – no time for review”. The Cisco paper notes that for data to be useful, it “…must be tagged, organized, searched, combined and filtered before it can be considered information. Finally, information must be processed into a form that helps people do something productive.” Video Synopsis® is quickly being recognized as the best tool to meet that challenge. A cutting-edge technology developed over thousands of developer man-hours, it has the potential of creating a paradigm shift in video data usage. That’s because Video Synopsis turns video footage into actionable information by analyzing raw video data and separating dynamic objects from static background. The extracted moving objects are tagged according to classifications such as color, size, date, time and duration, etc., and stored in a database. The background is also analyzed, tagged and stored. This approach enables events to be called upon and replayed in a concise presentation layer: multiple events are superimposed on the background, creating a synopsis of events presented simultaneously – even though they occurred at different times. Events can be refined by various classes, for example, Video Synopsis can present only those red vehicles driving in a southerly direction or only people wearing blue walking down a particular path. In addition, for clarity’s sake, each object can be displayed with a time-stamp indicating the moment at which it entered the frame, while a “dissolve” effect ensures that even overlapping objects can be seen clearly. By using Video Synopsis, organizations can make order from unstructured video, extracting relevant data in minutes from hours of footage. Video Synopsis technology then helps users quickly locate and identify the relevant events, providing single-click access to the original video event. It’s a fast and easy packaging of video data that means decisions can be made and actions taken based – at least in part – on information from vast volumes of video that had never been available to users before.

Introducing BriefCam Blogger,
Tom Edlund

Tom Edlund, BriefCam CTO

Hi, my name is Tom Edlund and I’m the CTO at BriefCam. I know this title sounds serious, and rightfully so. I take technology very seriously; in fact, some say I approach it like an artist – with awe and respect. I joined BriefCam in 2011, and ever since have been busy with the development of innovative video and computer vision software, product management, UX/UI design, algorithms and everything in between. I rehearse (every day and all day) how to grasp the big picture in graphic detail. I’m also a lucky CTO because I’m not alone in the creation of cutting-edge technologies. Allow me to be 100% objective when I say that here at BriefCam we have an exceptionally proficient, technically skilled and highly motivated team of developers, all busy producing technology at its best. Being at BriefCam is a perfect fit for me. It enables me to utilize my accumulated experience and knowledge in the development of groundbreaking technologies, with the potential to generate a paradigm shift in the usage of video data. What more could a guy ask for? I look forward to sharing information and insights on the latest and greatest of Video Synopsis®, and the cutting-edge technology behind it. I also hope to hear from you! Feel free to chat via our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube accounts.      

How Video Synopsis for captured video captured me

Dror Irani, CEO & President, BriefCam

Let’s be brief It all started in Room 79 in the Computer Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Shmuel Peleg, a renowned computer vision researcher, developed the groundbreaking patented technology of Video Synopsis® – the simultaneous presentation of events that enables the review of hours of video footage in just minutes. When the technology was seen by a US Department of Defense delegation, the potential and benefit of Video Synopsis was identified and subsequently licensed exclusively to BriefCam for commercialization. Ending the year with a new beginning In the midst of the 2007 holiday season, BriefCam was co-founded by Professor Peleg and successful serial entrepreneur Gideon Ben-Zvi. A year later, the company already had partnerships with big players, starting with OnSSi and Milestone Systems, and followed by Genetec and Nice Systems (now Qognify). The Video Synopsis innovation rapidly created a buzz in the industry, particularly after winning several prestigious industry awards. Things were getting busy! 2010 is when I come in. I joined the excitement as BriefCam’s President and CEO when our sales started in earnest and we established a US-based company, BriefCam, Inc. Our technology was quickly adopted by the security, law enforcement, safe city, and transportation sectors as the de facto standard for rapid video review. The technology also starred in successful deployments, ranging from the Statue of Liberty to Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center and the New Taipei Safe City project in Taiwan. Video Synopsis was also used to expedite the investigations of the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, as well as the Boston Marathon bombing. From buzz to business 2013 was the year we launched BriefCam Syndex®, our flagship product that offers users the ability to not only review hours of video in minutes, but to also refine video metadata by parameters such as color, direction, size, speed and more. Yes, a real search engine for video! Why is this such a big deal (or business)? Because every day, tens of petabytes of video data are being recorded; and more and more organizations are investing petabytes of dollars on video managements systems, surveillance cameras, DVRs, storage, etc. But all they’re left with are huge quantities of video data that simply goes to waste. Our approach to video data: A paradigm shift is needed I must confess. Paradigm shifts can be somewhat bothersome... Here I am, adrift in the chaos of video analytics, video summary and video data - you name it - with the following challenges: Dealing with an industry suffering from video analytics post-trauma. Often, just uttering the words “video analytics” causes people to shut down. Convincing organizations that “all of that boring data” should not be thrown away or ignored, and can be leveraged to their advantage. Demonstrating the real and immediate benefits to be gained from the right usage of video data. So, where to now? All this has just been a prelude to the journey ahead. Sounds interesting? Follow our weekly posts to explore the What, Where and How of Video Synopsis, related industry trends and intriguing technology innovations.

Jose Miguel García Fernandez Joins BriefCam's Board of Directors

Entrepreneur and Angel telco investor has successfully led exits in the billions of dollars

MODI'IN TECHNOLOGY PARK, Israel, Nov. 16, 2016 -- BriefCam®, the Video Synopsis® company, today announced the appointment of Jose Miguel García Fernandez to its Board of Directors. García is a proven entrepreneurial CEO and Angel investor with more than 30 years of business development experience worldwide. Most recently, García served as the CEO for Spanish telco Jazztel, where he successfully led that company's €3.4 billion acquisition by Orange Group in June 2015. Before Jazztel, García held various senior management positions in Cable & Wireless, and prior to that founded Case Technology, which was acquired by Cable & Wireless in 2000. Co-founder & Board Chairman of BriefCam, Gideon Ben-Zvi said, "I'm delighted that García has joined our Board of Directors. Adding a member of his caliber will benefit the company as we move forward in adding mass market solutions to our offering." "It's a great advantage to have García on board," said Dror Irani, BriefCam's President & CEO. "We're excited about leveraging his expertise to expand our market reach to include home solutions together with major telecom players, offering subscribers services that derive maximum value from video." García said, "I'm highly impressed by BriefCam's innovative technological capabilities and its success thus far. I'm excited about what we plan to do together and what the future holds." About BriefCam BriefCam® develops and delivers Video Synopsis® solutions, empowering organizations to validate their investment in video by gaining value from video-data across all levels of organizations, maximizing security, operations and business insights. For more information: For updates: Contact: Rachel Neiman, Director of Marketing Communications; Email:; Mobile: +972 54 215 2653

BriefCam's Syndex® Certified Again by Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems' customers benefit from XProtect-embedded Video Synopsis® solutions

MODI'IN TECHNOLOGY PARK, Israel, Nov. 14, 2016 -- BriefCam® the Video Synopsis® company, today announced the solution certification of its Syndex EP/EP+, version 4.0 and above, with Milestone Systems' XProtect® video management software. This certification further strengthens the companies' long-standing partnership, ensuring that current and new customers benefit from XProtect integrated Video Synopsis solutions for enhanced security, operational management and business insights. XProtect integration with BriefCam Syndex offers rapid video review, search and analysis. Processed video data can be filtered by various classifications, such as color, size, people, car and animal. In addition, actionable data is presented in various ways such as heat maps, pathways and charts, enabling organizations to gain more value from their video data and extend the use of Video Synopsis beyond security – to retail and operational excellence. Amit Gavish, BriefCam's General Manager of Americas said, "Our partnership with Milestone began in 2009 with an initial technology integration. Since then, our products have matured to become ever more powerful. Our current offering, Syndex Pro, enables users to not only review hours in minutes, but to take that valuable video data, analyze it in a variety of ways for security, and then leverage the extracted metadata to the advantage of the enterprise as a whole." Milestone Solution Partner integrations are assured through rigorous testing, evaluation and documentation with a focus on four areas: functionality, usability, performance and partner assessment. Milestone Solution Certified integrations provide end customers, systems integrators and resellers extra confidence to work with XProtect integrated solutions. Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager-Americas, Milestone Systems, said, "This re-certification demonstrates the strength of the Milestone Solution Partner Community. Milestone and Briefcam have had a strong working partnership for the past seven years. As BriefCam's Syndex product offering has matured, the Milestone SDK has also evolved to accomodate new features, like the ability to add a BriefCam tab in the XProtect Smart Client view where BriefCam Syndex parameters can be adjusted from inside the VMS user interface." Tuinzing noted that the Solutions Certification Program provides BriefCam-Milestone installation customers with verified test result documentation on the functionality and interoperability of BriefCam Syndex Pro with Milestone XProtect VMS, adding that after the initial solution certification of the integrated solution, there are annual options for re-certification when Milestone or the partner launches a new product version. "The best part of this integration is that the BriefCam application is located directly inside the XProtect Smart Client – it's very easy to integrate, and one BriefCam installation can be connected to multiple Milestone systems." Full configuration and performance data is available in the BriefCam Listing on the Milestone Solution Finder website: certification report. Gavish will be leading a panel at Secured Cities on Transforming Surveillance Video from Cost Burden to Value-added Asset, on Tuesday, November 15, 1:00PM, Room: San Jacinto 2. About BriefCam BriefCam® develops and delivers Video Synopsis® solutions, empowering organizations to validate their investment in video by gaining value from video-data across all levels of organizations, maximizing security, operations and business insights. About Milestone Systems Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, founded in 1998 and now operating as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. Milestone technology is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Sold through a community of partners in more than 100 countries, Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs. For more information, see: For news and viewpoints from the Milestone open platform video community, visit The Milestone Post. Press Contact: Rachel Neiman, Director of Marketing Communications, BriefCam Ltd. |Email:| Cell: +972 54 215 2653 | Tel: +972-2-5337228 Press Contact: Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Corporate Communications Manager, Americas/APAC | Tel. +1 (503) 719-3439

Convergint Technologies and BriefCam Boost Security and Efficiency at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Showcasing Video Synopsis Capabilities at IACP

SCHAUMBURG, Illinois and WEST HARTFORD, Connecticut, Oct. 17, 2016 -- Convergint Technologies, a worldwide leader in service-based systems integration, and BriefCam, the Video Synopsis® company, today announced that Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) has expanded its use of BriefCam Syndex®, doubling the amount of licenses to further increase security and operational productivity across the airport. Convergint has overseen the migration of ABIA to a unified access control platform based on Genetec Security Center with BriefCam Syndex® embedded. Using BriefCam's technology, ABIA can rapidly review, analyze and investigate large amounts of video data for maximizing security, while using the same data to get better insights into operational activities. Tony Varco, Vice President of Security for Convergint Technologies, said, "Our companies' long-standing partnership has deepened as Video Synopsis has become more powerful, enabling us to meet customer needs not only for security, but for transportation, safe cities and enterprises." Amit Gavish, General Manager, BriefCam North America said, "ABIA is a busy airport, providing service to 15 airlines and 48 destinations, alongside managing business, retail, ground transportation, parking and many other functions. BriefCam Syndex enables leveraging the huge amounts of already-available video data to expand its value beyond security, allowing the airport to easily control and optimize operations where needed." According to ABIA Telecommunications Supervisor Bryan Moore: "Using the Access Control System unified with Genetec Security Center, as well as BriefCam, can protect people and keep them where they need to be within our airport. So if you were to receive an alarm, it would automatically populate that camera in that location with Genetec Security Center. And within that, you can also use BriefCam technology, be able to slim it down, save time and keep people safe." Total Recall Corporation, a Convergint Technologies company, will showcase BriefCam at the Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP), October 16-18 2016, in Booth #3251 at the San Diego Convention Center in California. For more information, visit About BriefCam BriefCam® develops and delivers Video Synopsis® solutions, empowering organizations to validate their investment in video by gaining value from video-data across all levels of organizations, maximizing security, operations and business insights. About Convergint Convergint Technologies is an industry-leading organization that designs, installs, and services integrated building systems including electronic security, fire alarm, and life safety systems. Press Contact: Rachel Neiman Director of Marketing Communications, BriefCam Ltd. E-mail: Mobile: +972 54 215 2653 Press Contact: Tommasina Domel Marketing Specialist, Convergint Technologies E-mail: Phone: 847-585-8962

New Tech Allows Hartford Cops To Process Hours Of Video In Minutes - Courant Community

Among the methods used to catch New York City bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was video surveillance, clear pictures of him used by investigators to develop a description, which was then broadcast to millions in the metropolitan area. Source: New Tech Allows Hartford Cops To Process Hours Of Video In Minutes - Courant Community

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