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Seeking Faster Footage | Security Management

At McCormick Place in Chicago, movement is a priority. The largest convention center in North America moves more than 3 million visitors a year through its 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space in four buildings... To keep people and equipment moving, a primary part of security’s mission is to review all of this surveillance video to investigate incidents... The [BriefCam] software was installed in early 2013 and had only been in place for a few months when it helped solve a mystery... [Read full article]

Israeli Breakthrough: Super-Speed Video Synopsis - i-HLS

Video cameras are popping up everywhere. On a typical day out in a big city a person could be filmed by hundreds of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The combined output of all these systems is far greater than there are security staff to watch all the images. Hence there are various ways being used to automate the process. [Read full article...]

BriefCam Syndex in Security Products International Pavilion 2014

Each year at Security Products, we like to feature our international partners by showcasing their latest products... BriefCam Syndex is a powerful set of review tools enabling video search with user-defined paramters: color, size, speed, direction, etc. Like all good search engines, results are ranked... [Read the full article]

BriefCam a finalist in BenchMark Magazine Innovation Awards 2014

The Benchmark Innovation Awards scheme has been devised to recognize and reward innovations which solve problems faced when designing and implementing a security solution, or which increase the range of real-world benefits on offer. Innovations must bring true value; it is not just enough to add features for the sake of expanding a list of functions... [Read the full article]

Israeli video technology makes Lady Liberty safer | The Times of Israel

An Israeli company is part of a security “dream team” whose collective talents are being deployed to defend one of America’s greatest landmarks — the Statue of Liberty. Briefcam, an Israeli video technology company that allows viewers to quickly parse through hours of footage in seconds, swiftly zeroing in on the important incidents, was tapped to handle surveillance duties. More...

Statue of Liberty upgrades surveillance | News |

Total Recall Corporation has delivered an award-winning IP-based, digital video surveillance solution to enhance public safety and improve operational efficiencies at the recently renovated Statue of Liberty National Monument and Liberty Island. The high-profile project kicked off 2014 with a Government Security News Homeland Security Extraordinary Achievement in Public Safety and Security award after having received the 2013 Bronze STE Security Innovation Award from the Security Industry Association (SIA). More...

Total Recall公司助力美国自由女神像升级最先进的数字视频监控系统

Total Recall公司带领9大顶级技术供应商组成“梦之队”打造创新的IP视频解决方案,提升景区安全性和操作流程,以应对女神每年数以万计的访客 Total Recall公司(是一个总部设在纽约的安全技术供应商。其专门汇集了世界上最先进的9个技术供应商向最近翻修的自由女神国家纪念碑和自由女神雕像岛提供一个获奖的基于IP的数字视频监控系统。 该解决方案被美国公园警察,国家公园管理局(NPS)和内政部(DOI)采用以提高公共安全并改善运营。 该备受瞩目的项目已经获得2014年政府安全新闻颁发的国土安全之社会公共安全产品非凡成就奖(和2013年安防行业协会(SIA)颁发的青铜STE安全创新奖(。 自由女神像因桑迪飓风的破坏历经8个月的翻新和修理,于2013年7月4日美国独立重新向公众开放。作为翻新的一部分,Total Recall公司向美国公园警察,NPS和DOI提出一项无偿捐赠建议,包含设计,安装和维护一套国家最先进的监控系统。 美国公园警察,自由女神像区的指挥官上尉格雷戈里•诺曼说:“国家公园管理局和自由女神像国家纪念碑高度赞赏了这套由Total Recall公司捐赠的全面安防系统。” 基于IP的技术和创新的系统设计使其能够覆盖自由女神像岛的整个周边,以及公园的安检设施和从主大厅到自由女神像皇冠的所有393级台阶。该技术将用于园区每天针对游客安全性地监控,同时也帮助美国公园警察和NPS监控流量及扩大人员管理以确保人流的前行;协助渡轮服务运营;帮助家长找寻走散的小孩并有效地应对在岛上或雕像内部的任何紧急医疗状况。 Total Recall为自由女神像全新监控系统选取的合作伙伴是: Axis Communications 提供160台IP HDTV摄像头 BriefCam 提供其独特的视频摘要软件解决方案,使刑侦和安保人员仅用几分钟的时间就能浏览数小时的监控视频 DragonWave 提供多千兆位的微波无线电数据包 Milestone Systems 提供开放的IP视频管理软件平台 Pivot3 提供数字存储 Proxim Wireless提供此前系统无法达到的高容量、广域的无线宽带网络以连接IP摄像头 RGB Spectrum 为新的指挥中心提供大规模电视墙 Scallop Imaging 提供全景摄像头 Winsted Corporation为控制中心提供符合人体工程学设计的家具 目前监控的部署标志着纪念碑首次实现全数字监控系统的安装。得益于光纤和无线连接的组合,它使NPS能够覆盖岛上以前因为旧的模拟系统而无法覆盖的区域。 Total Recall公司于1999年为自由女神像和自由女神像岛设计和监管了最后一个主要的安全系统检修,并于2004年最新更新。 根据纽约港口管理局国家公园的数据,每年约有400万人参观自由女神国家纪念碑和埃利斯岛雕像。欲了解更多信息,请参阅。 要查看多媒体新闻发布视频和照片,请点击这里: 媒体联络人: Rachel Neiman BriefCam +972 54 215 2653 Rachel Ren 贲睿(上海)软件技术有限公司 +86 21 31352278

Statue of Liberty Upgrades to New State-of-the-Art Digital Video Surveillance System

Total Recall Corp. assembled “Dream Team” of nine top technology providers to create innovative IP video solution to improve safety, security and operations for Lady Liberty’s millions of annual visitors SUFFERN, NY – March 4, 2014. Total Recall Corporation (, a video-centric security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions, has brought together nine state-of-the-art technology vendors to deliver an award-winning IP-based, digital video surveillance solution used by the U.S. Park Police, National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of Interior (DOI) to enhance public safety and improve operational efficiencies at the recently renovated Statue of Liberty National Monument and Liberty Island. The high-profile project kicked off 2014 with a Government Security News Homeland Security Extraordinary Achievement in Public Safety and Security award ( after having received the 2013 Bronze STE Security Innovation Award from the Security Industry Association (SIA) ( The Statue of Liberty reopened to the public on Independence Day, July 4, 2013, following eight months of renovation and repairs due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. As part of the refurbishment, Total Recall reached out to the U.S. Park Police, NPS and DOI with a state-of-the-art surveillance system proposal that would be designed, installed and maintained as a donation by the company. In preparation for the reopening, Total Recall redesigned the Statue’s surveillance and security system from top to bottom, including migrating from outdated analog CCTV to the latest in IP-based digital video technology, building an intelligent and ultra-modern command center to help the NPS and U.S. Park Police do their jobs more effectively and enabling the park to cover areas with video surveillance that they could not reach before, such as the security screening facilities. “The National Park Service and Statue of Liberty National Monument greatly appreciate the comprehensive security system donated by Total Recall,” Capt. Gregory Norman, Commander of Liberty District, U.S. Park Police said. “We are extremely honored to once again be part of the surveillance system design and installation at the Statue of Liberty,” said Jordan Heilweil, president, Total Recall Corporation. “We assembled a Dream Team of cutting-edge security technology providers to give her the best protection possible while helping the Park Police, Department of the Interior and National Park Service deliver a memorable experience for the millions of families who visit the Statue each year.” IP-based technology and the system’s innovative design enables it to cover the entire perimeter of Liberty Island, as well as the park’s security screening facilities and all 393 steps from the main lobby to Lady Liberty’s crown. The technology will be used for the day-to-day safety and security of the park’s visitors while also helping the U.S. Park Police and NPS monitor traffic flow and expand people management to keep lines moving, assist ferry service operation, reconnect parents with misplaced children and effectively respond to any medical emergencies on the island or inside the Statue. “All of our partners are proud to be part of this mission,” continued Heilweil. The partners selected by Total Recall for the Statue of Liberty’s new surveillance system include: Axis Communications to provide a mix of nearly 160 IP cameras with HDTV quality, exceptional nighttime performance, powerful zoom, reliability and discreet appearance; BriefCam for its unique Video Synopsis software solution that enables law enforcement and security personnel to review hours of surveillance video in minutes; DragonWave to supply multi-gigabit packet microwave radios, delivering carrier-class transport for mission critical public safety communications; Milestone Systems for its open platform IP video management software that integrates all components, enabling first responders to view live or recorded video, also using mobile devices; Pivot3 for reliable digital storage and compute devices specifically designed for the IP video industry; Proxim Wireless to deliver high capacity, wide area wireless broadband utilizing WORP® technology in order to connect IP cameras in areas the previous system could not reach; RGB Spectrum for enabling multiple video feeds to be displayed on the massive video wall in the new command center using its MediaWall 2900 Display Processor; Scallop Imaging for perimeter security via its all solid-state M6-200 IP cameras with six megapixel, extreme low-light video and undistorted panoramic 200° FOV; Winsted Corporation for ergonomically designed command center consoles that allow operators to be as efficient and comfortable as possible in a high-stress environment. The current surveillance deployment marks the first time an all-digital surveillance system has been installed at the monument, which will allow the NPS to cover areas of the island that were previously unreachable with the old analog system, thanks to a mix of fiber and wireless connections. Total Recall designed and supervised the last major security system overhaul for the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island in 1999, with the latest upgrade made in 2004. Conditions for installing the new system were not easy, Heilweil continued, noting that the environment presented unique challenges even without the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. “The lack of electricity, flooding and damage caused by Sandy could not stop the amazing team from making sure that Lady Liberty could welcome visitors – as she always has.” According to the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy, approximately 4 million people visit the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island each year. For more information see Total Recall will present the Statue of Liberty project at the upcoming ASIS New York City Security Conference and Expo, March 13-14, 2014 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York. Media enquiries welcome. Contact details follow. To see the multimedia PR Newswire release with video and for photos, click here: --ENDS-- Press Contacts: Peter Millius Total Recall Corp. 646-675-6000 Courtney Dillon Pedersen Milestone Systems +1 (503) 719-3439 Rachel Neiman BriefCam +972 54 215 2653 Domenic Locapo Axis Communications, Inc. +1-978-614-2074

GSN Lauds "Team STS" for Extraordinary Achievement in the Public Interest

BriefCam a member of the "Securing the Statue Dream Team" of vendors. Government Security News has presented the 2013 Emma Lazarus Humanitarian Award for Extraordinary Achievement in the Public Interest to Jordan Heilweil, CEO of Total Recall Corporation of Suffern, New York and the nine “Dream Team” partner companies that, together with Total Recall, donated a multi-million dollar surveillance and security upgrade to America’s welcoming symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, which was seriously damaged in Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Working with the United States Park Police, the National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of Interior (DOI), the Dream Team migrated the Statue from outdated analog CCTV to the latest in digital technology to enable the park to cover areas with high-quality video surveillance that could not be reached before. The team also constructed an intelligent and ultramodern command center to help the National Park Service and the National Park Police do their jobs effectively. Following eight months of renovations, repairs and installation of new technology, the Statue was reopened to visitors on July 4, 2013 and has averaged 25,000 visitors per day in the ensuing months, according to Captain Greg Norman of the U.S. Park Police, who stated further that “The system has already helped the park not only maintain the security of the park through a busy summer, but has also added visitor protection by helping NPS employees respond promptly to visitor needs.” Read more...

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