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Top 12 disruptive technologies to watch in 2015 | ISRAEL21c

"Israel is a world leader in the technology of using smart algorithms to teach computers how to make sense of what they “see.” Mobileye and Briefcam grabbed headlines in 2014 for automotive and security computer vision, respectively. Next year, look for advances in entertainment, augmented reality and wearable computing. Many of these will be displayed on March 24 at the sixth Israel Machine Vision Conference in Tel Aviv". [Read more...]

BriefCam Syndex GV |

“Two years ago, we won the iHLS Innovation Award 2012. Since that time, our product line has matured, our client base has expanded, and BriefCam has been used and recognized for its role in major criminal and homeland security-related investigations. For all of these reasons, we’re proud to be able to announce BriefCam Syndex GV at Israel HLS 2014,” said Dror Irani, CEO and President of BriefCam. [Read more...]

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