The Video Synopsis Company

What the Media is Saying:

[The National Park Service] is using Axis cameras and sophisticated search and viewing software to provide critical situational awareness…Axis Case study: Statue of Liberty

BriefCam sorts through the metadata and finds the footage on our servers… We can find the answers very fast – a stolen car or a missing child just using details like the colour of a shirt or hat. City Council spokesman, Ipswich Australia

[BriefCam] software.. had only been in place for a few months when it helped solve a mystery at the largest convention center in North America … Security Management

The method, called Video Synopsis, was invented by BriefCam, which counts all the right three-letter agencies as clients… Popular Science

Instead of having to watch endless hours of nothing happening, BriefCam automatically finds the portion of the footage that shows something happening. Times of Israel

…[I]n cases where time is of the essence, [BriefCam] allows us to obtain video evidence more quickly than having to physically view the entire video. Washington State PD spokesman

Then there’s the… [BriefCam] Rapid Recap feature, a pretty stellar tool for efficiently finding anything strange in your FX footage … Popular Mechanics 

There’s also one other advanced feature that I really love. It’s called [BriefCam] Rapid Recap which is basically a time-lapse of all the activity that has happened within a certain time-frame. Cnet

The camera and app also come with a set of rather cool features [like BriefCam] RapidRecap, which lets you see a huge amount of activity on review in a short space of time… It’s very cool and something that more camera makers should try. The Red Ferret

Where [FLIR FX] differs from all the other security cameras I’ve ever tested is with its [BriefCam] RapidRecap feature… The Gadgeteer

Our main concern was actually not so much for security, but for safety. You see, my fiance’s grandmother lives with us… being able to check on her is invaluable… MacSources

[This] unique way of summarizing lots of footage into a fast, one-screen glimpse… looked good, summarizing a lot of activity in one quick snippet. RE/CODE

[BriefCam] RapidRecap…  means you don’t actually need to watch the entire recording to see comings and goings. The Verge

If something in the [BriefCam] RapidRecap happens to jump out at as being suspicious or worth a closer look, the user can simply tap on a specific time stamp in the replay video… Gizmodo

The idea is to end the pain of scanning through hours of video… It’s an excellent feature, and one that worked faultlessly. Digital Trends